Sometimes someone likes my words so much, they publish them on the internet. Sometimes I do that myself. What a wonderful world in which we live.

I won a contest with this one. [Curtsey.]

A brief look back at ten years of illness

Megan James has been experimenting. She's living in Los Angeles at the moment, as she and Corin Roddick, the duo behind electro-dreampop band Purity Ring, prep for the release of Another Eternity, Purity Ring's highly anticipated sophomore release, and tour to follow. These experiments aren't musically related though. The night before I spoke with her, longtime friend and fellow electronic artist Will Wiesenfeld, better known as Baths, had brought over "an amazing spread of snacks" and also some hi-fiber, boba-like cubes, a new diet fad that she called "Jubes", and I called "so L.A."...READ MORE